Getting started using Social Media can be a confusing process and having success on Social Media can be a long drawn out process if you aren’t doing it right. Of course, in my experience results on Social Media does take¬†effort and some time but if you are like most and on the gerbil wheel doing the same ineffective thing’s over and over again the process is going to take much, much longer…

And you definitely want to be effective, RIGHT?

I actually had some pretty immediate success when I first started on Social Media and by immediate I mean I saw measurable results within a 90 day period. Thing’s were quite different however 6 years ago when I started. It was towards the end of the Myspace era and Facebook had just taken the throne as KING of all Social Media.

Boy, oh, boy has social media changed especially for those in the Home Business space… With smartphone apps and all these Social mediums where should someone start? Every time I send out a FREE social marketing training I always get someone saying they are overwhelmed with all that’s in front of them now…

I agree all this social media stuff can be very overwhelming… I personally get overwhelmed every time a new platform crosses my desk too lol. But believe me, things are also a lot easier and a ton more fun on Social Media these days.

Social Marketing for Home Business owners is definitely here to stay! It’s only going to continue to grow and get better just like it has over the last 10 years. It’s critical to your success to keep up with the social media trends or you will get left behind…

There’s really a small percentage actually marketing successfully on Social Media so the playing field is WIDE OPEN with HUGE opportunity for those that take it seriously…

Are you ready to up your game on Social Media?

Social Marketing Tips for Home Business Entrepreneurs

#1 Brand YOU – My first tip is to brand yourself… Too many home business entrepreneurs are branding their MLM’s or opportunities and honestly, they have enough branding… You need to brand you! What if your MLM goes out of business or you decide to go with another company? You’d have to recreate your entire brand every time. People do business with PEOPLE not companies or products! If you want to become magnetic you have to stand out in all the noise on Social Media and that is hard to do when you have all these reps dressing their social media up with all the same crap. Yes, it’s CRAP!

Understand this, NO ONE cares about your company, products or services. They care about them and how you are going to help them. Portray how you will help people in your social marketing and people will flock to you like you are the shepherd that you are. Click To Tweet

#2 Share VALUE – Become a person of value! If you are always learning and growing yourself this should not be a problem. You should have value coming out your ears! LOL

Value coming out your ears :)

Value coming out your ears ūüėČ

In the early phases, this might seem a bit overwhelming since you are new…

You might be thinking, “I’m new & I have no value to share.” Well, I beg to differ… You’re reading this post right now, RIGHT? Yes, you are and you are learning some things I bet too. ¬†So why not share it with the world? You could start by even just sharing this post ūüôā

Bottom line you people are not looking for you or your company, most people are looking for more time and freedom… If you show them how to do that by leading with value you will have people drawn to you ready to join you in any business you choose. Trust me it works!

#3 Build A Very Targeted AudienceWhen you are calling out to EVERYONE, you are actually calling out to NO ONE! Click To Tweet

I usually see people struggle with being targeted¬†or even forget to be targeted entirely. They either never take the time to know their exact audience which btw makes it harder to come up with content that helps them. Or they post all this amazing content and wonder why all they hear is crickets…

You have to always be building your audience and the more targeted you can get the better. Think about who your business or brand best serves and where do these people hang out? For example, my brand’s target audience is struggling home business owner’s. Why do I speak to them specifically? Because most people that are struggling in a home business are struggling because they don’t have a leader to follow. So by standing out as a leader what do you think happens? They follow me of course and want to work with me in one of my opportunities.The more targeted you can get the better!

Where do struggling home business entrepreneurs hangout? You guessed it, Social Media! You see most all over spamming groups on Facebook or posting their before and after’s on Instagram… Most are not doing this because they are bad they are just not being taught the right ways to grow their business which is why I provide training for them like the Instagram training I do or even all the training and tips I share on this blog.

# 4 Focus on 1 to 3 Social Media Platforms – This is a BIG one and might even be the reason you are here on this post… You don’t know what the heck to do with all this Social media and training you have lol. I get it and have been there!

But here’s the thing…

On Social Media YOU need to be EVERYWHERE but that doesn't mean you have to actually be THERE Click To Tweet

You are probably wondering how that is possible so let me explain…

I focus on 3 platforms and passively market to the rest. I start with Instagram… So basically all my content is really created for Instagram and since Instagram is an image sharing platform that you can also use to syndicate to other social platforms. I can share one post on Instagram and hit all 6 or 7 of my other platforms at once. I don’t focus much on building a following or engaging much with any other platforms other than Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And Instagram is really my main jam! ūüôā

# 5 Consistency – Wow this is probably the mother of all reasons people struggle on Social Media. Including myself in the beginning… Consistency is so KEY!

If you want to grow a loyal following you have to be Loyal to your followers. You have to serve them consistently and be in front of the as much as possible. What you need to do is create a social media strategy and consistently stick to it. You should be engaging your followers, posting content and getting new followers every day.

The best way I stay on top of things is by having a social media management tool like Hootsuite.¬†I use Hootsuite to manage my all social media and schedule out all my content on Sunday night’s so I can make the greatest impact with my content. If you’d like to get a FREE¬†30 day trial of Hootsuite you can check it out HERE

# 6 Engage & Network Be a CONSTANT CONTRIBUTOR on Social Media! Click To Tweet

You can’t build a business keeping to yourself and you surely cannot have success on Social Media without virtually shaking a few hands. You have to get out of your bubble and interact. This does not mean you have to be a social butterfly it just means you have to acknowledge and show appreciation to your followers.

I especially recommend interacting with a few other similar business’ on social media. If you are a spy and never say anything on other people’s posts, expect that no one will interact with your content either. I find it quite comical that people expect others to interact with their posts when they themselves don’t interact with anyone else’s posts.

It’s the law’s of the Universe what you give out is what will be given back to you… If you are never commenting or liking on other’s posts your posts will pay for it, believe me! Definitely comment and like other people’s posts OFTEN! Be a GIVER not a TAKER!

# 7 Be Authentic & Transparent – Trust me on this one, you really want to be YOU! Everyone is unique in their own way and you cannot be like anyone else. People will sense it and never be attracted to you. Look at Gary Vee he is being himself. He curse and swears in his videos and is super straight forward. People love him for that! But if you tried to be like him it probably wouldn’t suit you well and you wouldn’t get good results.

# 8 Don’t Pitch – Woah… Say what? I know you are probably¬†thinking then how do I sell anything or get people to join me? Think about it this way, Social Media is for socializing and connecting with brands that they like. It is critical that you are making a connection with people’s wants, needs, and desires rather than always pitching them. You will literally push people away doing this rather than bring them towards you. You want to sell thing’s but there is a process you have to follow to build a relationship with your followers first. Then when you make a recommendation they will be more likely to listen. So for example what I do is I share a story, experience or a tip then I recommend a solution that will help them with their problems. All the things I share on social media are free and once they are on my list now I can share more value along with the occasional pitch of a product or offer.

Pitching is the ULTIMATE FOLLOWER REPELLENT! If you are constantly pitching on social media people will run the other way. PERIOD! Click To Tweet

# 9 Successful Presence –¬†You’d think that this one would be a given but believe me there are many on social media that fail to set up their profiles so it portrays them as a professional. This means having a professional profile pic of YOU not your company or products. Having a nice fan page banner a ¬†professional blog like the one you are on now is super important.

Look at your social media accounts right now and ask yourself, Would you follow you? Click To Tweet

If you didn’t jump at the bit to say “yes” you need to get to work on creating a successful presence. I will talk about how to do this in another post for sure but feel free to reach out to me on Facebook if you need some help this is one of the thing’s I coach people on.

#10 Be Congruent – Your brand, message, what you post about should be congruent on all your social media platforms. Your followers should know exactly what to expect from your brand and posts. Part of creating a reliable brand is getting this part right. It’s a must!

Having success on Social Media isn't hard it's just people make it hard! Click To Tweet

Bonus Tip #1: Get Started – Whatever you do just get started… Fake it til you make it if you have to and don’t worry about being perfect. The cool thing about building your brand online is that is will grow with you. Just keep getting better and your brand will get better.

Bonus Tip #2 Be Patient – Remember Rome was not built in one day and neither will your Social media presence be. Just like me or anyone else you start with one follower at a time, one post at a time etc.

Most people are always looking for that shortcut success and never really buckle down and to learn and market the right way. I hear it all the time people always come to me and say they wish that they had took their business more seriously and stayed focused on building it the right way instead of being distracted by all the things’ that don’t work or aren’t long lasting.

If you want a lasting business you have to build a strong foundation and that strong foundation starts with YOU!

Your greatest asset is YOU so start investing in it! Learn the skills you need to succeed in your business and you will be paid based on your skill sets. Look at doctors for example. They go to school for 8 years to get there doctorate then because they want to earn more they go back to school and specialize in another area.

Learn the skills you need to succeed in your business and you will be paid higher based on your skill sets. Look at doctors for example. They go to school for 8 years to get there doctorate then because they want to earn more they go back to school and specialize in another area.

It’s the same thing in your business if you want to be better you have to go to school and learn to be better.

I definitely suggest learning all you can about building your brand and home business on social media & if you’d like to check out the same system and training platform I use to get leads and market my home business on Social Media go HERE

What are your thought’s? Do you use Social Media effectively or did this post really open your eye’s to how you can be more effective? I would love to hear from you below!

And if you found this post valuable please share it with others so we can help the masses ūüôā

See you on the next post!

Lot’s of Luv & PROSPERITY,

April Marie Tucker

Home Business Entrepreneur & Creator Of Insta Lead Magic


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