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Want to have rapid success in your Home Business in the next 30 days or less?

I am always asked, What is the fastest way to have success?” It’s kinda like taking a road trip with your kids where they always are asking you, “Are we there yet?” LOL

I definitely know the feeling of just wanting success to happen NOW and not in the next year or two. I know it can seem like a long road and most will tell you it took time and perseverance over a two year span for them to truly find success in their home business.

The problem is with most in this industry is that they are not willing to do the work and put in the time it really takes to grow their business. I have been there too in fact I probably almost quit almost everyday for like 6 months. LOL. I am not kidding though… If I only knew then what I know now, right?

I struggled my first few months in my home business and had zero results to show for my hard work. I had zero results because I was doing all the wrong things in my business. Like chasing friends and family… Trying all kinds of stuff online and honestly I am one of the lucky one’s because I really didn’t struggle that long in my business.

Luckily I found a lead generation system and education platform that taught me how to attract leads to me. That was a HUGE turning point for me! I finally found my road map and was able to focus all my energy on profit producing activities.

Once I started the training and had the tools to get leads and grow my business I was able to create RAPID results in my business within the next 30 days. In fact it was that 30 days that really changed my life and it was those very first 30 days that made me into a top leader and top earner online.

So you’re probably wondering what I did to create rapid results and beome the top enroller in my primary MLM over that 90 day period, right?

Here’s some of my TOP tips for creating MASSIVE results in your Home Business (even if you are new) in 30 days or less…

Tip #1 – Decide and Commit

Nothing can happen til you make a decision that you are going to make it happen! You must decide and then commit to the process. For example I am on a 30 day run in my own business and have even created an affirmation that I say every day that re affirms this commitment and the goal I have set for my business. There is nothing more powerful then decision and commitment.

Tip # 2 – Know your WHY

I know we have all heard it before that you must know your WHY  and write it down. But seriously it’s true! I personally hung onto my why for dear life at first. It was and still today what helps keep me moving forward in my business. I suggest you go write your WHY down right now before we move onto my next tip.

Tip # 3 – Set your goals 

What do you want to accomplish in the next 30 days in your business? Be realistic but also set them a bit high so you don’t sell yourself short. Your goals could be hitting that next rank advancement in your company, making a certain amount of money, signing up 15 new team mates etc. Make a list of all that you ant to accomplish in the next 30 days and hang it up somewhere you can see it everyday.

Tip #4 – Have a system in place

You need to have a step by step system to follow to get leads and sign ups in your business. Most MLM companies have a duplicatable process but I have yet to find an MLM company that has a system in place that get’s fast results without you chasing your family and friends. I never cared for prospecting strangers or getting my family and friends together so they can sample products.

To check out the same system I used then and still use today to get leads and sign ups in my business – GO HERE

Tip # 5 – Make your plan 

If you fail to plan you literally are planning to fail. If you are new this part might seem hard especially if you were like me when I just started and are just spinning your wheels. I highly recommend getting with your upline or finding a mentor or coach to help you do this part. You are in business for yourself  but seriously you should never be by yourself.

You should have your Daily Method of Operation or D.M.O all mapped out and ready for you to execute. You will need leads that is for sure and I highly recommend that you talk with atleast 10 people everyday and expose them to your  business.

If you do not have a proven system to get leads you can check out what I use HERE

For example my D.M.O Mon. – Fri. everyday looks like this:


  • 30 Minutes of Mindset Training – I usually do a minimum of 30 minutes of Mindset training first thing in the morning during my workout or while getting ready in the morning. It’s so important that you fuel your mind during the next 30 days but I would make it a habit to always do some sort of mindset training daily.
  • Learning – Those that learn the most earn the most, PERIOD! I spend atleast 30 minutes a day learning from other successful entrepreneurs. Investing in yourself is key if you want to go far!
  • Create Content via video or blog (content is what you are reading right now) – I do a minimum of 1 blog or video per day that adds value to the industry. Doing this usually get’s me 10 to 20 leads per day and it keeps my audience engaged with me.
  • Post 5 or more times per day on Social Media – I post a minimum of 5 times per day to my Social Media networks. My posts are usually motivational or are just tips.
  • Email my list – It’s important to build a relationship with your list. Having an autoresponder that helps organize your list so you can easily keep in contact with your subscribers is very important. I personally use Aweber and highly recommend it. If you need a autoresponder Click HERE for a 30 day FREE trial for Aweber 
  • Reach out to 10 or more Home Business Entrepreneurs via Social Media – It’s critical that you connect with 10 or more new people on a more personal level daily. I love using Facebook to build relationships and introduce people to my business.
  • Call all my leads and make my appts. – If you want results it’s super important that you call your leads. I can’t stress this enough.
  • Follow Up – The gold is in the follow up! Need I say more? 🙂

Tip #6 – Get an accountability partner and support team

Get yourself aligned with people that are on the same mission as you. This is super important! For the last 5 years I have done my own private weekly masterminds with my team because I know it is super critical for success for not only them but even myself. Find an accountability partner. Someone that you can talk with a few times a week that knows what you are planning in your business.

If you have no idea where to find an accountability partner and support team you’re in luck…

Because for the month of March my team and I are running hard in our business’ for the entire month of March. I am calling it the March Madness freedom Posse Challenge or #MMFPC this challenge is going to help you on so many levels in your business.

What is the March Madness Freedom Posse Challenge you might ask?

Watch the video below to learn more about it and how to get started so you too can start getting RAPID results online in your Home Business…


[IMPORTANT] To get started you must be a MLSP Mastery member within our team… If you are not yet a member you can join HERE for only $10.

Once you have joined send a email to me letting me know you want to join the MMFPC to and I will get you plugged in with all the bonuses and the groups etc.

Also look for a getting started email welcoming you to our team. I provide coaching, training and support to my team for FREE on an ongoing basis.

Here’s what all I provide to my MLSP Mastery members

  • 1 on 1 bi-weekly coaching sessions – This is where we really dive deep down into your business and devise a plan to get you where you need to go. Having a coach could be all the difference you need to succeed in your business. Consider me your successor!
  • Access to all of my Team resources and training including free ebooks, my personal video training on SEO, social media, blogging and more..
  • Weekly Group coaching or strategy sessions – Masterminding is one of the biggest successors you can have. Every week on Thursday I host a team training or mastermind session that you can come on live and get a ton of hands on attention and even exposure.
  • Unlimited Support –  While you are starting your journey in MLSP you will more then likely need support. My goal is to ensure that no one on my team get’s left behind.  I provide two communities with lot’s of leaders just like you on the same mission eager to help you. One is on Skype and the other is on Facebook. These groups are great portals for support but also for updates and training too.
  • Content Syndication Tribe – This is a biggie! While your learning to drive traffic to your content you can use this tribe to get some pretty instant traffic to your content by being a contributor in our team tribe. This is a HUGE asset to your business and is available to anyone that wants to join in on the fun :)

You basically get an entire coaching program for FREE when you decide to join MLSP Mastery. I have been told that I am crazy for offering this much value to my team but what can I say I love helping people succeed in their business’.

If you have any questions about anything let me know and I will be sure to assist you in any way that I can.

See you on the next post!

April Marie Tucker

Home Business Entrepreneur & Creator Of Insta Lead Magic


P.S. Instagram is a great social network to grow your business and get leads… Learn my 10 easy steps for getting 41k+ followers and 20+ leads per day for FREE on Instagram – CLICK HERE

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