How To Rock Your Home Business When You Are A Busy Mom Or Dad Too

Are you a busy Mom or Dad trying to manage your Home Business, kid’s all while maybe even still working a JOB?

One of the biggest questions I am often asked is, how I managed doing daily tasks in my home business, worked a job and still took care of my kids when I first was getting started in my business…

And I remember actually wondering the same thing while I was getting started. I mean how does one still work their business, a 40 hr per week job and raise 3 little one’s?

For the last nearly 6 years I have been home with my kid’s building a 6 figure home based business so I assure you it can be done and honestly it’s a lot easier than it looks.

I recently sent out a email to my list that said they could ask me anything they wanted and I would do a video or blog post on it…

And one of my subscribers Tuesday Robbins asked me;  “How did you do all the training you needed to do to grow and succeed with 2 kids?”

This is such a great question so I brought in some experts (my 9 year old daughter lol) and did a full out video sharing some tips that I think will help any parent with managing it all.

Watch to hear my reply and learn “How I managed to create a 6 Figure Home Business & Raise My 3 Kids”…


To be a success in both areas business and family I think it’s important to never forget why you started your home based business in the first place…

But also get over thinking everything has to be perfect. One of the thing’s I still do is just “KEEP IT REAL”.

Bottom line is I work from home and I have 3 kids and that is a really beautiful thing that honestly I never hide… I mean it’s one of the biggest reasons that people want to start a home business so why not flaunt it…

I have always included my kids in a lot of my content and social media because it’s actually very attractive to parent’s that want more freedom to be with their kids.

For example the video above and many of the video’s you see me in. My kid’s grew up helping me and I would make it fun for them. It’s great for business and great for them! 🙂

Big THANK YOU to Tuesday Robbins and my daughter Alaina Marie for helping me with today’s message. 😉

Are you trying to juggle your biz, kid’s and perhaps a job? I think this is a great topic and would love to hear anything that helps you manage it all or if this post helped you let me know.

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Last if you got value what I shared please be sure to pay it forward… The universe and I will be so appreciative. Plus research has proven that people that share the most get the most ;)

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