Are you speaking Instagramish fluently yet?

One of the hardest things to do is learn a new social media language especially when there’s so much to learn when joining a new social site for the first time.

With Instagram being the hottest social network on the planet right now and of course myself being the Insta Queen with the hottest Instagram course for home business entrepreneurs  you can imagine I get a lot of questions all the time about Instagram.

Over the last year I have gotten a lot of the same repeat questions and many of the questions I get are about the meanings of certain terms on Instagram…

So I figured it was time I put together a simple cheatsheet that explains many of the common Instagram terms and language meaning…

I know about time, right?

Here’s a list I gathered with some common Instagram terms and Insta language you should know when using Instagram:

IG –  Acronym for Instagram

Bio –  Biography in your profile… People usually refer to the link in their “bio” in their call to action. Basically it’s your profile.

DOUBLE TAP – Means to [emoji growing heart] or like. You do this to let people know you like their post by tapping twice on their image.

Emojicons/ Emoji’s – Are little icons like this [emoji growing heart] most newer smart phone devices come pre loaded with them but I actually like a app called,  SwiftKey keyboard + Emoji’s the best for emojis and making texting alot easier from my smart phone. You can also do a search in your app store by search “FREE Emoji’s”.

Tag  – to add a @ symbol in front of another Instagram users username.  Should look like this @AprilMarieTucker you can also add tags to in the photo by using Instagrams tag feature by either adding tags after you’ve uploaded your post and are on the description page or by clicking the 3 little dots lower right corner of your post.

IGers/ Instagramers – What you call people on Instagram also known as the Instagram community.

App – Abbreviation for “application”. It is a software application downloaded to a mobile device that
provides access to the Instagram site.

Feed – Where you’ll see all the posts shared by those you follow. Look for the house icon on the bottom navigation panel.

Filter – Is a editing feature which can be applied to your post to enhance features and colors.

Followers – Instagram users or IGers that follow another IGer.

Following – The people that an Instagram user follows.

Gallery – A collection of a user’s Instagram posts.

Hashtag – The “#” symbol placed in front of a keyword. Hashtags should be keywords or phrases relevant to the description of the Instagram post. Hashtags are searchable tags on Instagram.

Home – The Home screen is the list of activity of all the users you follow. Also referred to as the feed.

Instameet – A gathering or meeting of local Instagramers to take Instagram photos.

Instavideo – Often used to describe the Instagram video feature.

Latergram – Something you post on Instagram at a “later” time.

Post – Any video or image content uploaded to an Instagram profile.

Profile – This is your account information on Instagram. Your profile consists of your name, username, profile photo, and your photo gallery.

Username/ IG handle – The name a person uses on Instagram to define their profile address. This may be any configuration and does not have to relate to their actual name.

IG Stories or Instagram Stories – IG Stories is another way you can share photos and videos with your followers. Stories disappear from your profile and Feed after 24 hours unless you add it as a highlight. This is a great tool to use for your business and grow relationships with your followers. It’s best to use it to show off more of a behind the scenes photo or live video to grow a rapport with your followers faster than ever before. Definitely another must for having a successful brand on Instagram.

With IG stories you also have different stickers, filters, and tools you can use:
SuperZoom – Records video and zooms in automatically playing a dramatic sound.
Boomerang – Is a burst of photos that loops backward and forwards. 
Rewind – Is a feature you can use to record your video in reverse. 
Stickers – fun little images you can add to highlight or give character to your stories. 

IG Live or Instagram Live – Is a feature of Instagram stories where you can broadcast to your followers. Like stories, your live only is posted on Instagram stories for 24 hrs but recently

Instagram made an update that allows you to download your lives so that you can post or repurpose them for other social media or blog posts. Instagram Lives is another amazing tool & feature to use if you want to grow your brand on Instagram.
Instagram Highlights – Are stories or Instagram lives that you can highlight on your profile, even after they disappear on stories. Highlights appear below your bio.

I hope this list helped you and like I said feel free to print it off and share it with your friends if you think it will help them.

If you’d like to learn more techniques to generate leads and get followers on Instagram here’s a recommended training video series and cheatsheet I put together to help more people get leads and sign-ups for their home business from Instagram. Enjoy!



Luv & Prosperity,

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