best_apps_for_instagramAlright so if you have been following along with the last Instagram tips/ training I did then you know I am doing a series of tips on how to get more exposure for your brand and ultimately more leads for your biz.

Now I have been testing some stuff for a while on Instagram and although I am still pretty new to Instagram and really liking the different tools that you can use to really do more social sharing in your biz.

Today I am going to go over a few of my favorites in the video below then on my next training tomorrow I am going to share with you some really cool ways you can use some images to expand from Instagram into some other social media waters.

Super excited to share today’s with you but if you missed the last tip I gave on Instagram you should definitely go watch it now and come back to this one after.

Instagram Tip | How to Link Your
Instagram with your Facebook Business Page

Watch the video below to get some hot tips for creating irresistible images and more for Instagram

My Fav Apps to get for Android

(there’s similar apps for iphone too just do a search)

Have you started using Instagram yet? If not do you think you might after watching today’s tips?Do you already use any of the mentioned Apps for Instagram. If so what’s your  favorite App for Instagram?

Would love to hear from you below and if this video helped you please do your friends and I a quick favor and give it a share. Thanks! 😉

If you have anything you would like for me to do a training on or that you would like to see on my blog let me know would love to help you in any way I can.

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If it’s something I can do a video on I will be sure to mention your name in the video!

Luv & Prosperity,

April Marie Tucker

Online Marketing & Home Business Pro

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