Javita | Javita Review | Javita Scam

Javita | Javita Review | Javita Scam

Javita | Javita Review | Javita Scam

Are you looking for truthful, unbiased information about Javita Coffee Company?

If your looking for expert information about Javita Coffee Company you have come to the right place.. Get your questions answered and learn the real truth about Javita Coffee Company.

With more and more MLM or Network Marketing companies launching than ever before in the whole history of MLM it can be very difficult to conclude whether or not some of these companies are actually viable business opportunities that will pay you for years to come.

After all you are thinking about all the possibilities with long term residual income that will pay you when your 90 yrs old aren’t you?

MLM is the perfect opportunity for the right individual but believe me there are many obstacles that will need to be over come and the first one you are obviously doing now which is doing your due diligence about Javita Coffee Company.

I applaud you for doing your due diligence and also having a greater vision for your future. Maybe your here because you are skeptical about Javita and maybe it sounds to good to be true.. Or maybe you are a Javita distributor and are looking for solutions for your business to become more successful.

Either way you have come to the right place because I am going to give you all the nitty gritty details on exactly where your struggles will lie with Javita  and how to become super successful with this company. But first I will educate you on the history of this company and any draw backs that could classify Javita as a scam.

You should also know that I am in no way affiliated with Javita Coffee Company..

However I am a HUGE advocate of the MLM industry, a online marketing mentor and top recruiter on the internet. My expertise is with lead generation, social media marketing, list building, Network Marketing and Social Media Branding.

I am also a world wide industry leader with My lead System Pro and part of the Internet Marketers Hall of fame among many other things.

Bottom line is I know what it takes to be successful in the MLM industry and I suggest you educate yourself on the same. It is important to educate yourself on how to choose a MLM opportunity that will reward you long term.

Now let’s get you all the information you need about the Javita Scam or opportunity so that you can make a educated decision….

Javita | Javita Review | Javita Scam – Company

The history of a company and it’s mission are  very important when choosing a MLM company because you want to make sure it’s foundation is sturdy and the mission is contagious. Sounds funny but it’s true you absolutely should pay attention to this.

Javita Coffee Company - Boca Raton, FL.

Javita Coffee Company – Boca Raton, FL.

Javita is a “New” Network Marketing company that markets and distributes healthy coffee. With Javita’s single serving, instant coffee; sharing the product with others is simple? Or is it? We’ll cover that here in a few..

Javita Coffee Companies headquarters is located in Boca Raton, Florida.. It is a start up company in the eyes of the MLM industry just launching in  June of 2011 and is already doing business in over 34 countries worldwide..

According to their website, Javita’s mission is:

Bring coffee and life together, and become the best and most successful coffee company in direct selling by improving people’s lives one cup at a time.

My thought’s on the company itself.. I am impressed with their worldwide growth however with over 98% of companies never making it to their 5th year in business Javita falls into a high risk category.

Your odds may be better in Vegas in other words because historically in Network Marketing only about 130 Network Marketing Companies have made it past the 10 year mark and there are currently over 12,000 Network Marketing with more launching all the time. Scary statistics maybe but it also applies to traditional bricks and mortar business’.

Business’ fail all the time which is why it’s really important to look at the leadership of Javita next..

Javita | Javita Review | Javita Scam – The Leadership

Proven leadership is key with any company.. Like the old adage says:

Show me who you are following and I will show you where your going!!

It’s so true and that is why I always look real close at the leadership when choosing a MLM Opportunity. I recommend you do the same!

Javita was founded by Stanley J. Cherelstein, he is also the CEO and president of Waiora (founded in 2004), a Network Marketing company that develops and distributes Healthy Aging products.

His background in MLM dates back to 1999 when he became Senior Vice President of finance and operations with Rexall which later merged with another company and became Unicity which is another Health and Wellness company. He served as CEO for Unicity prior to launching Waiora.

While digging a bit on Mr. Cherelstein I did find a lawsuit against his other company for false labeling of  the Waiora products which you can see the pdf here: Stanley J. Cherelstein Waiora lawsuit.

My thought’s on the leadership are that I am impressed with My Cherelstein’s corporate MLM background. I noticed some smoke with the court document I found and that could be why he launched Javita under a new name. I was kinda wondering about that and why he didn’t just add coffee to Waiora’s product line.

 Javita | Javita Review | Javita Scam – The Products

The Javita product is coffee derived from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Javita distributes two different types of coffee:

(per javita.com)

  • burn + control

Coffee that helps you speed up your body’s fat-burning processes & help you control your appetite…

  • energy + mind

Coffee that gives you extra energy, alertness, mental clarity and help for that fading memory…

Javita’s line of products contains an infusion of herbs and other ingredients.

Javita Coffee Company Products

Javita Coffee Company Products

The products come in easy to use single serve sticks that you can simply add to a cup of hot water and in an instant have a gourmet cup of java.

My thought’s are that coffee is a bit personal and I definitely recommend that you try this coffee before making any type of commitment. I have tried a few of these coffee companies coffee and they didn’t agree with me.

I have not however tried Javita’s but since it is also made with Robusta beans rather than just Arabica I would definitely want to try it before purchasing.

Javita | Javita Review | Javita Scam – Compensation

Javita Start up Cost  – How much does it cost to become a Javita Representative?

You can become a distributor for Javita at two levels. There is the $99 option and $599 option. The major differences being that at the $599 level you receive more product, and are eligible for the $500,000 Rank Advancement and 50% Match Bonuses. Both distributor kits come with all the resources and marketing tools you need to start your business.

Javita has established a training platform called Javanomics that will provide detailed training and support, including marketing strategies, personal development and team building tips to maximize success and help the company achieve their vision.

How do you get paid with Javita?

Javita has a uni-level compensation plan, which means that each active member creates a level. There are 10 ways to get paid up to 15 levels deep with the Javita compensation plan including retail profits (distributor to consumer) up to 30%, a weekly Fast Start Bonus, Team Commissions, a $500,000 Rank Advancement, Matching Bonus and BMW car bonus.

 Javita | Javita Review | Javita Scam – Is Javita a Scam?

If it sounds to good to be true it probably is? Some people might think Javita sounds to good to be true so it must be some sort of scam.. If someone is making income claims about this opportunity or perhaps you know someone that is making a ridiculous amount of money with this opportunity. Either way your hear and wondering whether Javita is a company you can rest your hat with and gain financial freedom from.

I have good news for you Javita is not a scam.. It is a respectable Network Marketing company that you can absolutely make money from. The only problem I see with this company is that it’s a start up company and a bit of smoke surrounding the parent company.

However there are some draw backs to joining Javita. Which we’ll go over how to overcome them in the next segment of this article.

 Javita – Your #1 Problem

Many people trying to recruit you will tell you anything they think you might want to here to get you to join them in their business.  This is scary because they’ll tell you what they do is easy and Javita coffee sells itself etc. Like it’s EASY!

These are lies! Although you won’t be under a car with a blow torch you will have to talk to people and ask them to join you. For example let’s say you talk to 5 of your friends and ask them to show up to a meeting, 0 to 1 of them will actually show up. Success in MLM is a numbers game! 90% of the people you talk to are going to say NOooo!

Another example if your products or services sold themselves the company wouldn’t need you! I assure you that if you were to put Javita Coffee out on a table in your front yard no one would even stop to look, let alone buy. It is your job to not only get the word out but close the sales.

Most people fail at MLM because they are recruited wrong! They are not informed that success never comes easy and that anything worth having will take time. Expect about 2 to 5 years to fully launch your plane. This is more realistic and is the industry statistic for those that stick it out.

People that frown at that I ask them if they were to continue doing what they are currently doing right now for the next 5 years would their lives be any different 5 years from now?

More than likely their response is NO! The plan that they are working today is not going to change their path!

Give yourself a nice big pat on the back for seeking something better for yourself and your family! Only about 2% of the population make it a point to seek out other options to make their lives better.

The fortunes are made in this industry by the people that get creative and learn how to sift through the numbers very quickly! In the beginning this can be tough because you only have so much warm market. I know it was for me. I failed miserably, until I was able to master the skill of Online Network Marketing recruiting.

You really need no creativity with what I am going to show you here in second! You only need to know that you need to invest in your skill-set to succeed with Javita or with any company for that matter.

Leads are the name of the game and with out them your Javita Health business will be dead in the water.

Watch the video below to gain instant access to my 6 Figure Javita Online Success Blueprint..

Javita Leads


I hope you found this Javita Coffee Review helpful in your decision making process and if you did do me a favor and share this post by clicking one of the social media buttons on this post and leaving me a comment below with any questions or comments you may have..

If you are a are a Javita Rep. I would love to hear your reasons for joining or if you didn’t  join feel free to share why as well.

I truly believe that MLM is the greatest industry known to the human race! Let’s continue to help each other and share the knowledge.

Here’s to your ULTIMATE  Success!

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Javita | Javita Review | Javita Scam

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