The Lottery Mentality is a lethal home business killer that everyone should be aware of…

It has plagued the Home Business profession for a long time and has wrecked havoc on the industry as a whole…

The problem is it is that this Lottery mindset is a silent business killer that many have and don’t even know have it…

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At first people with the Lottery Mentality, might be winning but then they begin to lose and ultimately end up quitting and moving onto the next BIG deal…. The cycle repeats again and again. You waste time and money and may still not know there is a BIG problem.

Until today….

A few weeks ago I trained on the MLSP Wake Up Call and the topic I chose was a HUGE eye opener for many…

Possibly even the whole industry! I wasn’t sure if I should share what I did on the call. Part of me thought people weren’t ready for it or it would be offensive to those that have it but honestly I feel more people need to hear what I had to say in this call now more than ever before.

Listen – HERE

Believe it or not many (so called) successful leaders have this lottery mentality… In fact, I watch the whole industry it seems like (at least online) shift from this deal to that deal over and over again… Almost like a flock of sheep going to greener pastures every month or so. There’s always a shepherd they are following and those shepherds are many of the so called leaders you see online today.

If you have been around a while you know who they are…

What really irritates me is that many of these shepherds are bought… Meaning they are paid to come over and bring their teams. It’s kinda the ugly secret in our industry… Some companies will pay big leaders from other companies to come over and help them get their company going…

The problem with it is that it completely defies everything about the Network Marketing Profession…

It’s fake success, REALLY!

But if your new and don’t know any better you wouldn’t know it… Neither would the people that are joining you.

When these shepherds are walking across stage getting their big checks you probably are thinking to yourself I want to be like them. Of course, that’s what the company wants you to think. They want you to believe you can do the same. It’s how they keep you thirsty for more.

Don’t get me wrong the shepherds you see getting their big checks more than likely worked for it but not for only 90 days or even a year or two.

They worked their business for years. Perhaps even 10-15 years or more.

Bottom line the success they are having took them lot’s of time and effort before hand.

It doesn’t mean you can’t do it but just like I said on the call you have to earn success.

I believe that any success worth having is worth fighting for!

If you agree and want to help me make the industry a better place be sure to share this post with others.

We can help people by educating them and setting them up for success the right way. The quitting rate would be a lot lower if we all are just honest with folks on what it really takes to grow a successful business from home.

What do you think about the MLM lottery mentality? Do you know some people that have it or did you just realize you might have some traits of it yourself?

Would love to hear from you below!

See you on the next post!

Luv & Prosperity,

April Marie Tucker

Home Business Entrepreneur & Creator Of Insta Lead Magic

april marie tucker

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