Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing Business

A Network Marketing Business is a long term business! Just like any business it takes time!

One thing I have noticed with many people that I have talked to is that they are looking for that winning lottery ticket. They have no concept of what it really takes to become successful in their Network Marketing Business. In this post I give you ways to overcome this mindset and also how to avoid it with in your organization.

Yes you read the headline right I told someone to get out of my Network Marketing business!

I have no time for the hopers and dreamers nor the winers and complainers! You as well should not make time for them either! That is if you are serious about your business. People like this will only bring your business down.

Some people join a Network Marketing Business with the perception that they are going to get rich by pushing a button!

They think they will be successful with in their first few weeks and even more hilarious they think they will talk to 10 people or even less and hit it big.  Sometimes it is not their fault that they think like this! That is why it is super important that a sponsor does not make false promises to get them to join.

That is not always the case though because some people are also very short sighted when it comes to their Network Marketing Business.

Kind of like a runner they run out of breath! They are short sighted and often times cannot see past their first month! As a sponsor it is your job to inform your new recruit that they are going to have to work their Network Marketing Business like it’s going out of style. It is so important that you get your prospect to see the same vision as you or their own unique vision. It’s important for you to find out their WHY in their business and if they are joining to have a hobby or if they want to earn serious money. Once you find this out then you need to ask them how far they would like for you to push them.

Do not pick the winners in your Network Marketing Business to soon!!

I do not know how many times I have been absolutely blown away by people in my Network Marketing Business  I thought wouldn’t make it that turned out to be ROCKSTARS! It’s almost like the one’s you think are going to do it, never do and the one’s you think won’t, always do! You may even notice this trend as you continue through your growth in your business. Look at me for example I was probably the worst recruit ever!

I told my sponsor as soon as I joined my Network Marketing Business NOT to expect me to sell anything!

This was 2 years ago! I really wanted nothing to do with the networking part or the retail part! I told my sponsor point blank I would only consume the product and continue the dead end path I was on. It’s a pyramid scam! Those were my exact words! Obviously I changed my mind as you can see.. Actually some experienced Networkers would not have even sponsored me! Wow would that have been wrong of them!

As a leader you should know that the best way to lead your people is to inspire them!

Inspire them to show up! Inspire them to be excited! Inspire them to Sponsor by you sponsoring! Your team will only do half of what you do! So if you want your team mates to sponsor 1 person a month then you will sponsor 2 people a month! See what happened to me is that my sponsor inspired me! He went out and sponsored 26 people that same month, won a trip to the Mediteranian in a 6 month long contest that only had 35 days left to it when he joined. On top of that he placed 10th in the whole company and earned a upgraded suite along with a night out with the president.

Ok I thought! If he can do it, I can do it! I was fortunate that he brought me with on the trip as well but that trip and his inspiration changed my whole life!!

I knew right then and there that I was so wrong about this business!! You see my sponsor did not pressure me to change my thinking he simply went out and did what he should! Which you should know that as a sponsor that is not your job to help your new person make up their mind. If you try to force this you will only lose them.

To the right is a picture of me and Jeffrey Kistner  my sponsor on the Immunotec  Mediteranian Cruise in 2010.

Since then I have went on to become one of the top recruiters, lot’s of rank advancements in my Network Marketing Business and I have personally sponsored over 200 people. Placed 5th for the last incentive trip to Los Cabos, became apart of the Internet Marketers Hall of Fame, placed 6th in the Top 50 MLM Blogs contest, Sponsored over 150 people into my primary Network Marketing biz and MLSP combined and am working on L3 in MLSP.

This never would have happened if I would have quit my Network Marketing Business when I felt like it in the very beginning!

You see this lottery mentality is very common in Network Marketing. I see people jumping from opportunity to opportunity all the time. Little do they know that there are 3 things that will bring them success in their Network Marketing Business.

  • Making a decision to become successful. Not for the next month but for the long term! This is key! Think long term and think where you want to be in the next year to 5 years.
  • Investing in your skill set and taking action! This means being coachable and finding the right sponsor to coach you.  Find someone that has what you want!
  • Focus, Focus, Focus! Need I say more! Don’t go out and join a bunch of stuff this will actually make you very unsuccessful. I would limit yourself to 2 opportunities and you should only work 1 until you get the first one off the ground. Unless one is a tool that you can use for your other biz.

Have you made your decision yet?

Have you decided to be successful?

Have you decided to invest one to two years of your life to your business?

Have you decided to be coachable and learn as much as possible?

Have you decided to never give up?

Your success is not dependent on others!!

A matter of a fact the only thing your sponsor owes you is the opportunity! Obviously you want to find someone that will coach you but what if your sponsor god for bid is hit by a bus? Does this mean you are going to quit? No way! This means you continue on your path to success! You seek upwards in your upline to find someone that will take you under their wing. Because you are committed and you have already made a decision this will be a no brainer!

I used to feel bad when people would quit or say they are going to if they were not seeing the results they want!

I have grown a lot in my business and realized that the most important thing I can do is get someone going or get them going! That second part means NEXT!! I do not waste my time with people that are short sighted because I know that the only thing I can do is inspire them. Whether it be through coaching and or doing. I have given many of my personal recruits away and I only give to those and assist those that are serious about their business. I understand that success for anyone does not happen overnight.

I was able to sponsor 24 people personally last month!

Not because I am lucky!! Not because my sponsor did everything for me! I sure the hell didn’t do it by complaining or threatening to give up! You know how I did it? I did it because I have invested in my skillset and I know how to grow a large team in a very short amount of time. I went through the struggles in the beginning and I decided to become successful. I persisted, I kept running (like the energizer bunny) I think positive, I know what I want and will stop for nothing until I get it! I have the passion and excitement!

And most importantly I believe in all that I do! I believe that what I have is a gift! it is precious and life changing! I don’t just believe it though I feel it with in my whole body! I know that the million dollar check is on the way!

I don’t hope for things! I don’t try! I simply go for it! JUST DO IT!! I have a block on all that is negative! I will not let others ruin my happiness! I am happy and successful because I choose to be! I could keep going on and on but you see how powerful your thoughts are! Your mind body connection is for real!

So with all this being said you see why I have no problem showing someone the door.

The first time you say your going to quit I may think your just having a bad day and perhaps some inspiration your way will snap you out of it. The second time you say your going to give it one month then quit especially after I gave you a personal recruit and have spent my precious time coaching and doing a few 3 ways I will say quit NOW! In fact I will suggest that they quit the whole industry!

If you are NOT talking to atleast 1 or 2 people a day on the phone about your Network Marketing business you will never ever make it. Success is never a accident! Success is a choice followed by action!

I would rather a person quit now then later before I invest more of my time into them. I work with those that value my time because my time is worth millions to the right person. This is because of the amount of time and energy I have invested into increasing my skillset. People seek me because they want what I have! This is attraction marketing at it’s best!

Moral of this story “Work with the winners!”

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