2013-08-29_1029 One of the most important habits you should have is investing in yourself..

Adding to your Mind Bank consistently is key and any top producer in any industry will tell you that.

There is really only a slight difference between the achievers and under achievers and that is the achievers wake up a little earlier or go to bed a little later so they can invest in their mind bank.




Watch the video below to learn the must habits you should have if you want to earn 1000% more in your Home Business

I am currently reading Million Dollar Habits by Brian Tracy (I have given this ebook out several times and if you missed it simply share this post and mention me in it so I can send you a copy.) and he says that..

from Million Dollar Habits – Page 75-76

Almost anyone who dedicates himself to continuous personal growth and learning
can upgrade his performance and productivity by 26% each year.

An improvement of 26% each year, compounded year by year, means that you will double your
productivity, performance and output in 2.7 years.

Over the course of 10 years, by improving yourself by 1/1000th per day (1/10th of
one percent), 26% per year, you will increase your productivity, performance and
rewards by 1004%. This is an increase in your income of 10 times!

Three Steps Onto the Fast Track  from page 77 – 81
There are three parts of the continuous learning process. By practicing these
activities daily, weekly and monthly, you will increase your productivity,
performance and output by 1/10th of 1% per day, compounded. You will eventually
become one of the highest paid and most successful people in your field. There are
no exceptions.
Step One: Arise early each morning and read for 30-60 minutes in your field.
Underline and take notes. Think of how you can apply what you are learning to
your day-to-day work. Throughout the day, think of how you can use what you
read to be more effective. At the end of each day, review the day based on your
new knowledge and skills and evaluate your results and progress.

A College Degree Each Year
If you read 30-60 minutes each day, this will add up to about one book per week.
The average American reads less than one book per year. If you read one book per
week, this will add up to about 50 books each year. As it happens, to earn a Ph.D.
from a major university requires the reading and synthesis into a dissertation of
about 40 to 50 books.
If you were to read one book per week, 50 books per year, you would be getting
the equivalent of a practical PhD in your field each year. If you continued reading
at this level, 50 books per year, you would read 500 books in the next 10 years. If
you were to read 500 books in your field, in a world where the average person
reads less than one book per year, do you think that this might give you an edge?

Learn From The Experts
The second habit that you need for growth orientation is the habit of attending
every seminar and course you possibly can. Do not make the mistake of waiting
for courses and seminars to come to you, or waiting for your company to organize
and pay for additional training. You are completely responsible for your own life,
which includes your own personal and professional development. No one cares as
much about your future and your career as you do. No one cares about your ability
to increase your income and move into the top 10% of your field as much as you
do. You are responsible.

Make it a habit to seek out and attend at least four seminar programs per year in
your field. If your organization has annual or national conventions, be sure to
attend. Eagerly seek out and sit in on the most important talks and lectures at each
of these workshops or annual meetings. Sometimes, one good idea from an expert
in your field can transform your entire career.

Your University on Wheels
The third habit you need for growth orientation is the habit of listening to audio
programs in your car as you drive around, and as you walk or exercise. Audio
learning is considered by many to be the greatest breakthrough in education since
the invention of the printing press. And I agree.

This is just a few paragraphs that I thought were important for you to hear..

Hopefully you caughtltd4-backend (1) the part that says you need to make it a habit of attending 4 seminars a year because that is SOOooo critical in this industry..


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I do NOT know one Top Earner or Leader that did not have a transformation at a Live event..

In fact over the next coming weeks I am going to prove it to you. I am interviewing many of the speakers that will be sharing at Live the Dream and we’ll see what commonalities they all have.

I can’t wait to get some of these cats on live with me so I can drill them about their success in this industry!

It’s gonna be a blast! So be sure to stay tuned here on this blog 🙂


To your UNSTOPPABLE success,

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