Pure Leverage | Pure Leverage Scam | PureLeverage Review

Pure Leverage | Pure Leverage Scam | PureLeverage Review

Pure Leverage Scam Review | All hype or the real deal?

Don’t join Pure Leverage until you read this honest Pure Leverage review! With over 5,000 Home Based Business’ in the market place today and atleast 1 more opening up daily it can be hard to distinguish which opportunity or products are right for you and your family.

I want to get it out in the open first that I am a re-seller of the Pure Leverage products and my goal in this post is to give you marketing facts not hype. I also will educate you on the value that I see with just the Pure Leverage products alone so that you can make a informed decision when choosing the products in them self to not only save you money but make you money.

Pure Leverage | Pure Leverage Scam | PureLeverage Review – The company

Pure Leverage is part of a parent company called GVO AKA Global Virtual Opportunities was founded in 1999 by Joel Therien.  GVO has always been a well established web hosting and internet marketing company and Joel is a renowned internet marketing veteran who works with many of the top marketers on the internet today.

Pure Leverage was launched with one goal in mind to give marketers a HUGE value in tools they are already using with a ultimate tool suite and help markers earn faster than ever before with 100% fast starts and matching bonuses in infinite levels.

Watch the video now to get some insider insider information about PureLeverage


To take the $1 Pure Leverage test drive or learn more CLICK HERE



Pure Leverage | Pure Leverage Scam | PureLeverage Review – The products

This was what got me excited because I love to save money! The value in the Pure Leverage products is HUGE! How huge? Well you can be the judge of that but I can tell you that for just three of the products alone I am paying over $150 a month for and now I can get them all with the Pure Leverage product suite for less than $25. Talk about uber savings! Joel has really out done himself in this department.

Pure Leverage tools consist currently of 6 top notch tools and more are being added after the official launch which is today March 4th 2013.

Here are my top 3 picks that are available with the Pure Leverage Tool Suite as of today:


Pure Leverage Autoresponder and Capture pages

Pure Leverage Autoresponder and Capture pages

Pure Leverage – Auto-Responder and Capture Page system

Pure Leverage offers a auto responder with their tool suite and in my opinion the savings here alone is huge since the larger your list with other platforms the more you pay. With Pure Leverage you can have up to 10,000 subscribers for less than $25 including all 5 of the other tools and training.

That is HUGE!

Plus you get very customize-able capture pages that you can use for your lead generation and list building.



Pure Leverage Meeting Room

Pure Leverage Meeting Room

Pure Leverage – Live Meeting Room (value $49 + a month)

As a leader myself I know how powerful it is to be doing your own webinars and I also know that using video with in your webinar and hosting it live is the ultimate way to build rapport and authority. Once I started hosting my own webinars online my income tripled that month. It’s huge and I always tell my students don’t just do what the Guru’s tell you to do but literally do what they do. I do not know of one successful leader that does not do training’s or presentations for their teams or prospects.


The Pure Leverage Meeting room will make you money there is no doubt about it and it is a highly recommended tool to have in your tool box.


Pure Leverage Video Email

Pure Leverage Video Email

Pure Leverage – Video Email

I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of Video email and for this service alone I have paid up to $49 a month. Why? Because it brings me in huge profits and increases my conversion rates over 200%. Smart marketers know that Video Email is a game changer and builds rapport with your prospects like no other.

In order to win with your Home Business you need to be doing things that set you apart from the rest in the industry and Vmail gives you that leverage and takes the playing field to a whole ‘nother level.

Think of Video Email as the ultimate recruiting tool!


Ok so it’s obvious I am a big fan of the tools alone that Pure Leverage offers but what about the compensation plan?

Pure Leverage | Pure Leverage Scam | PureLeverage Review – The Compensation

To be a re-seller is optional and does cost you a extra $19.97 on top of your $24.97 a month product package. I don’t like paying for tools that don’t pay me back so I took this option and am currently building a HUGE Pure Leverage team. Not as my primary income stream but simply as another stream of income because you can’t build a business with out tools and many of the people in my target market need tools.

Basically with the Pure Leverage 100% profit system you can collect a very nice residual income as well as 100% fast start commisions on your personal sign ups along with a 50% check matching bonus on anything your direct referrals earn. It’s a simple plan with infinite levels and unlimited width.

Pure Leverage | Pure Leverage Scam | PureLeverage Review – Conclusion

So if your looking to make some additional income with the tools you are using I highly recommend signing up to be a re-seller of these products since they are a easy sell and can return you profits rather quickly. If you think about it you really only need 2 people to cover your monthly cost.

Ok so now that we have covered the products and compensation plan you can see why the industry is going nuts at the moment. It’s almost like the gold rush with everybody running around saying get in now this is going to be huge,! Like usual I always recommend people do their due diligence when choosing a company, products or service and I am not into all the hype.

In fact I cannot stand hype! I won’t promise anyone over night riches with Pure Leverage but what I can promise is uber value with the product suite and I always recommend getting your products paid for right off the bat.

Your tools should always pay for themselves and if your eager to make more than the world is yours. If you would like to get started and would like to work with me you can learn more about Pure Leverage and join my team by clicking the image below.

Join my Pure Leverage Team

Join my Pure Leverage Team

Pure Leverage | Pure Leverage Scam | PureLeverage Review – How to really make money!

If your new to the internet it can be really hard to figure out how to get started with your business. I have to tell you it does not have to be hard as long as you know the key to online lead generation. It’s a must that you keep your pipeline always full in order to grow your Pure Leverage business. Which is why I recommend grabbing my online success blueprint so that you can become very successful marketing your business online.

Pure Leverage Lead Generation - CLICK HERE

Pure Leverage Lead Generation – CLICK HERE

I will leave the decision making process up to you but in my honest opinion Pure Leverage is not a scam and is a viable business opportunity with a tool suite that cannot be beat. I recommend getting started with the tools and seeing for yourself whether or not you join my team.

Appreciate you stopping by and if you got any value from my post be sure to share and leave your feedback below!

See you on the next post!

Pure Leverage | Pure Leverage Scam | PureLeverage Review

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